Whatsapp download for PC

"WhatsApp Download for PC the app of instant messaging in just a few seconds. Enjoy the messaging app with an Android emulator"


WhatsApp download for PC is quite common among users of the best chat application. There are many pages that offer us the chance to download WhatsApp for PC. But it is important to know that there is no official version of WhatsApp for PC.

Wechat for PC - Whatsapp download for pc

In this web page we find how to install the WhatsApp on the computer from an Android emulator. The version of WhatsApp for Android is available for all users who want to chat with your friends and family. Download WhatsApp for PC allows you to send free text messages to the contacts from your computer.

In addition also know curiosities for the application and any other messaging apps. Viber for Windows, Line for PC are some of the rivals of WhatsApp. Not to mention WeChat for PC, the app of Chinese origin that dominates the Asian market.

whatsapp download for pc free in your computer

The secret of the success of this app

WhatsApp download for PC is possibly the application with more users around the world. The secret of this chat app is based on two points:

  • WhatsApp download for PC is one of the first applications of courier to be known around the world.

  • Great ease of use and to download WhatsApp for PC does not include advertising.

This only initially available to Smartphone chat application has won convinced so many users that because many are those who want download WhatsApp for PC on their personal computers.

WhatsApp download for PC with Android emulator

Download WhatsApp for PC is possible thanks to that emulate the Android operating system and applications that can be installed on our computers easily and fast. On this occasion we will use Android Bluestacks emulator app player, the most downloaded and used by users who want to download WhatsApp for PC.

Install Bluestacks in yourcomputer

The best chat, WhatsApp download for PC

Many users of WhatsApp have Smartphone without data plans and want to WhatsApp download for PC to send free text messages from your computer, using your internet connection at home, work or place of study. From here we will tell you as WhatsApp you can download to PC.

As we have mentioned to be able download WhatsApp for PC it is necessary to install an Android emulator on our computer as Bluestacks app player, the emulator that we have chosen for our tutorial.

In order to have WhatsApp tutorial download for PC.

WhatsApp for PC requires the following requirements:

  • Install Bluestacks app player on your computer

  • Download WhatsApp for PC from the Android emulator

  • Have a number of mobile to configure WhatsApp for PC

Install App with Bluestacks on the computer

To download and install WhatsApp for PC will open the browser and through the navigation bar go to www.bluestacks.com website. Once in the Android emulator website will click on the Download button for the version of Windows or Mac you have.

Click on the download button only will have to be confirmed as administrator if windows or our operating system request us, then only will have to follow the three steps on the screen. Bluestacks is installed on your computer in a few seconds.

Once started the emulator clic on the icon with the magnifying glass, you will open a screen where you can write WhatsApp and press enter to find instant messaging app. Once the app's chat clic on top of it then start downloading and installing.

Once we have download WhatsApp for PC from the Bluestacks emulator on our computer, we just need to configure the app with the number of cell phone that you want to use for this app, enter a user name and the region or country where we are.

The chat application will find it on the main screen of the Bluestacks emulator app player or in the section of my apps that we find in the Bluestacks home screen.

From there also can access the chat app once WhatsApp download for PC in your laptop or personal computer.
If you wish to download the application for other platforms to find it via this link.

The rivals of WhatsApp for PC

WhatsApp for PC is probably the first instant messaging application that has managed to register millions of users around the world. For this reason it is instant messaging app to beat rivals.

The main competitors of WhatsApp for PC are: Viber for PC, Line for PC and WeChat for PC. There are other apps of instant messaging which want to gain foothold in this increasingly competitive industry, but today have still not reached the number of registered users, Viber, Line or WeChat have achieved worldwide market. Each day there are more messaging applications that are developed and begin to appear as other Kik or Nimbuzz also available for the PC.